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Amigos del Mar | Cala Mayor, April 2019

For a few weeks the island became our home. Easter holidays made streets very quiet. Those days, when people stay together with their families. I missed my teenage son, who was back in Bohemia those weeks. 

When we miss something, space usually gives us soon the possibility to live it. One day, on April 24th, I went to my favorite beach, favorite beach of Joan Miró too, Cala Mayor, and had a plan to spend a quiet nostalgic day there. Out of a sudden a group of teenage friends and schoolmates started to gather and surrounded me with their lively joyful energy. I observed them, got used to them and portrait them. An hour after an hour we got closer, creating a nice familiar atmosphere, which allowed me to get an insight into a way, how local teenagers from Colegio Luis Vives and Colegio San Cayetano hang around on their free time.. We got in touch with Maria and exchanged a few messages. Later I send them many pictures, which they were very happy for. I never seen them again since then.

Life moves on and everything changes all the time. This situation appeared and got back into blue space.

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