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Hold on to your dreams_my name is simon and Lil Peep is my inner friend


This work is the beginning of my study of the phenomenon

of the hidden face in photographic work from the origin of photography to contemporary photography nowadays.

It will focus on the techniques by which this phenomenon is intentionally or accidentally achieved, the meaning that the author intends to express or the viewer experiences and

philosophically-theoretical thinking about this phenomenon,

which offers question about the difference in the viewer's perception of photography, when a face is hidden, not seen, and on the opposite, how would be perceived the same photograph with a face captured and recognizable. What is the meaning and symbolism of it, how it touches the topic of identity, and last but not least, the current connection between the phenomenon 

of photography with un-seen faces and the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim is also to present the body of work of most interesting authors working with this form in Europe.


photography, fine art photography, face, photography with unseen faces, analyzing identity, analyzing perception, surrealism, contemporary photography, manipulated photography, intermedial photography, environmental issues, society, Europe

This work is being translated into English and extended in Master's degree diploma thesis elaborated during residency 2023/2024.

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