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Catalina Sureda | Artista de La Isla

"For decades, the Sureda family in Valldemossa had various relations with artists and writers from all over the world, who visited Mallorca and were able to discover the Serra de Tramuntana thanks to their hospitality and artistic passion.  In an article published in 2009, the writer José Carlos Llop describes the Sureda family as a cosmopolitan circle and compares them to the Bloomsbury group, especially for their role bringing together artists and writers. If there is a single family that deserves to be remembered for its crucial role in helping to project majorcan culture throughout the world, it is undoubtedly the Sureda family from Valldemossa."

This is a text written about Sureda Montaner family. Since 2017 I have been going deeper in my own research to see, how things seems to be, how they are, how they could be.

Following lives of granddaughters of Pilar Montaner, who was extraordinary woman giving life to fourteen children, still painting all her life mainly in plain-air under any circumstances, I keep discovering connections of inner and outer consequences, understanding better the principles of cause and effect in this family life story and connected society. 

Through personal contact with Catalina Sureda and Elvira Sureda I am able get deeper into complicated social, mental and existential issues of contemporary majorcan families and their future, step by step. Reviewing the fact that some families don't have a future.

Interviews and photo sessions with Catalina are my continuous research within her life and my perceptions.

Where and when have you been born? 

Naci en la Cabaneta, Mallorca, concretamente en un molino, el día 29 de Mayo de 1957.

Your father was an artist too? What do you remember most about him?

Mi padre fue artista pintor. Recuerdo su gran sentido del humor, su amor por los animales, por la vida tranquila.                                    

How many children you were in your family?

Somos tres hermanas.        

What did you like most on your mother? How was she?

Mi madre era un ángel, guapísima, y una gran persona, con mucho amor hacia su familia, muy generosa, le gustaban mucho las flores, tenía un jardín precioso, en el molino donde vivíamos, teníamos muchos animales, perros, gatos, palomos, un burro muy travieso que se llamaba Caravaco.          

......... on-going .....                        

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