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My greek countryside | I wish to wrap myself in olive branches

Part of journey seeking my own and our common roots reaching back to Greek predecessor I travel often throughout Europe. Within Greek countryside I have discovered places around the mountain Olympia, Meteora area and the mountains in the south which inspired me also look inside of me in traditional landscapes of my past. The tendency of Czech people after communism was to get rid of all past, also my family got rid of most of family photos and negatives and objects from our attic without looking through and making some choices. As a child I felt big lost by not having these boxes of family treasures.
Traveling the Greek countryside, being close to olive trees, I feel shivering all over my body. I wish to wrap myself in olive branches, get protected by them, by the strenght, age, history, tradition and fruits of something what was here before us and will be also after.
With love to our european cultural tradition and values I wish to protect the richness of simple landscapes and importance of the boxes with old negatives hidden in the attics of our houses.

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