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I am a Bohemian photographer, artistic researcher and cultural professional based in beloved Europe. Inspired by my inner and outer journeys within this area, born in and grown up in the communist and early post communist country I focus on taking visual notes as a constant exploration of our perceptions. These journeys lead me to work with memory, illusion of identity, our common European roots, to discover forgotten local stories, human past, present and future connections. I keep exploring the relationship between human and both physical and mental space, searching for a functioning match of contemporary photography, manipulated archive and site-specific experiments.

I also like to experiment with objects and sounds found in pleinair.  To understand life it is essential to me getting known sea environment, as that is the space where life has its origin. We dived nine months before being born. I'm fascinated by the elements of nature as well as the elements of the body and mind.

Through visual notes I reflect my perception of ordinary moments and situations on the way, people or landscapes I pass by. My work is never finished, never closed. It's in the constant state of development. It is all autobiographical, as whatever I see is also me.

Bachelor degree in Arts after studying at the Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava. Programme: Film, Television and Photographic Art and New Media.

Erasmus+ | Work Residency focused on Curating and Contemporary Art (September 2023 - February 2024) at the CCA Andratx | Contemporary Art Centre in Mallorca, Balearic Islands.

I work as a cultural professional and a photographer. I am very honored to have cooperated with Dr DESMOND MORRIS, B.Sc, D.Phil, Hon.D.Sc., FZS, FLS, from whom I treasure the recommendation. I am a founder of PHOTOILLUSTRATA artistic research project and keep developing it.


Selected exhibitions:

ELVIRA SUREDA - IN MEMORIAM | Artdemossa Feria del Arte, 25 September 2022, curating the group exhibition of local photographers, and the sculptor Catalina Sureda

HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAMS #1 | my name is simon and lil peep is my inner friend
2021 EXHIBITION 30+, 30 Years of the Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava. House of Art and the Church of St. Wenceslas, 3 September - 24 October, 2021
OFF Festival Bratislava, Open Gallery, Slovakia, 5 - 30 November, 2021

Madam Zelinářka / Madame Greengrocer

2019 FOTOATELIÉR MIKULOV 2019 | Česká 4 / Czech 4, Kino Mikulov, 11 - 31 October, 2019 (+ videoslide | photo: zuzana malina cernohousova, music: Rickey Washington)


HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAMS #2 | Muž ______Skála ~ Moře_______Žena

Catalogue 30+. 30 Years of the Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava. 396 pages in Czech and English.

SON MOSSENYA | past and FUTURE *Some families don't have a future (dummy, 2022)

My BHARAT Mata | subjective documentary diary 2003 (dummy, 2022)

Chosen Residencies:

April, 2019 Miró Mallorca | Graphic Workshops - Art Residency with Sylvain Konyali i Cédric le Corf,

participating as a documenting photographer

"La fotografa txeca realitza durant el mes d’abril un reportatge fotografic als exteriors de la Fundacio i més extensament als tallers d’obra grafica relacionat amb el procés de treball dels artistes de la Casa Velázquez Sylvain Konyali i Cédric le Corf."

March, 2021 Mallorca | Island Creative 2021 #01 | Covid IMPACT on the ISLAND

May, 2021 Mallorca | Island Creative 2021 #02 | LIVING at SEASIDE and relations to SUSTAINABILITY (1, 2)

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